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This product is intended for species that in wild consume a great amount of fruits and seeds with low-moderate fat content such as Amazon parrots, white cockatoos, ring-necked parakeets and alexandrine parakeets (Amazona, Cacatua, Psittacula, etc.). Maintenance foods are formulated to feed pet birds and reproductive birds during non-reproductive periods. Their composition meets the nutritional requirements of birds at these times.

Directions for use

It is designed to constitute 100% of the parrot's diet in non-reproductive periods. However, if fresh fruit and vegetables are provided daily to lend variety to the diet, we recommend that Psittacus should constitute no less than 60% of the total intake. No vitamin or mineral supplements should be given to parrots whose basic principal food is Psittacus. It is appropriate to renew food and water daily. Store in a cool dry place after opening (while refrigeration is not advised, freezing is possible if it is hermetically sealed).

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