Birds Boarding

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you can bring your birds any time to our shop and we will take care for it

20.00 د.إ180.00 د.إ Inc. Vat

Our bird boarding offers a convenient solution with social interactions, feeding, and the delightful company of other birds from our shop. Live streams allow you to check in during operating hours. Choose in-home stays for personalized attention.


All dogs must be free from parasites, ticks/fleas, and communicable diseases. Any dog that poses a risk to the health of the other dogs in our care will not be accepted at check-in. If our staff finds reason for concern while your dog is in Throw Me A Bone’s care, he/she will be separated from the group and we will contact you about picking them up and/or seeing a veterinarian. We will gladly welcome your dog back once they are healthy again and no longer pose a risk of infection.


We want all dogs to be safe and healthy. As such, and in compliance with the New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) and the recommendation of the American Veterinary Medical Association, we require proof of the following vaccinations from your veterinarian prior to using any of our services.


During a board at our Manhattan locations, dogs enjoy a set schedule including daily relief walks, off-leash running and playing (based on size and temperament), daily indoor/outdoor training sessions, and private suite with on-site overnight supervision. All care is under the supervision of our on-site veterinarian. Biscuits & Bath is a Full-Service facility.

Two Walks a Day

Off-Leash Socialization

24-hour Supervision

On-Site Veterinarian